Learn Golf, Love Golf and Play Better Golf with …. Professional Golfer Dean Davis

Dean is delighted to form part of the teaching team at The Oxfordshire Golf Club, Thame.

Over the past 20 years Dean has developed a great knowledge of the game of golf and his teaching approach and golf skills will enhance any golfers game, whether they be a beginner or a touring professional.

Dean is also an all abilities golf coach, teaching people with all sorts of learning difficulties and his fun teaching approach allows everyone to enjoy golf whilst adding a smile to people’s faces.




Introduce Children in to Golf with our A-Z

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    The A-Z of Junior Golf


    Come and meet Sally Slice, Harry Hook, Suzy Straight, Tommy Topper, Mazie McDolphin and Golphin McDolphin. They are a specialist team that are here to teach children everything they need to know about Golf. From an E for Eagle to a P for Pitching our team run through the complete A-Z of Golf,  giving a fun overview of everything that needs to be known.


    The A-Z of Junior Golf is the perfect read for children up to the age of 10. With some guides on etiquette and Junior Do’s and Dont’s it is also enjoyed by Adults who cant wait to share their love of Golf with their kids.

    “My daughter Megan just won’t put your book down. What a great way to get kids into golf” – Sean Fergusson, FORE Business


    “I started having lessons with Dean at the start of the 2016 summer. At the time I was playing off 2 and struggling for consistency in my game. Deans approach to coaching helped me understand my swing alot more, from which simple and effective adjustments were made to help create a stronger game. His understanding of not only the swing but also the mental approach to each individual shot has helped me become a stronger and more consistent player. Since I started with Dean my handicap has now reduced to 0 and my all round game is continuing to develop each week. Thanks to Deans tuition I’m feel that I’m now able to look forward to achieving my goals, most notably the opportunity to now try and qualify for The Open Championship.”

    “I have been having lessons with Dean for over 2 years now and in that time I have not only seen my handicap come down by several shots, but also improved my consistency substantially which has always been my main aim. Dean is a great coach and is good at both helping to explain what the issues are, as well as giving the best drills and practices in order to fix these issues. Dean has always gone above and beyond for me as well, including helping with new club recommendations, re-gripping and adjustments of clubs, and really helped out massively when I had issues with my shafts which was nothing to do with him, he took it upon himself to speak directly to the manufacturer and got my issues resolved which included getting me a completely new replacement set of shafts and grips for free and he even fitted them for me as well. Would highly recommend Dean to golfers of any ability, whether it’s for major swing changes, more minor tweaks, or even club/equipment adjustments or recommendations.”

    Mike Savage

    “I first experienced Dean’s coaching in a Ladies Coffee Morning that he started at Magnolia Park last Spring. I then went on to have individual lessons. As a consequence, my handicap dropped from 21 to 17 in two months.  I find Dean’s approach extremely effective. He very quickly analyses your issues and presents solutions in a way that is easy to understand and to execute. I particularly like the fact that he doesn’t try and completely change your swing but works with what you have and suggests small changes gradually.  He is also very pleasant and personable and goes out of his way to provide that extra bit of service. I also appreciate that he joins in with our club events and plays with us less talented golfers.”

    Anne Terry

    “My name is Kerstin, I am from Austria and my handicap is 3.6. I have played for 7 years in the Austrian National Team. I came to the UK and Dean got me think positively and believe that I could make it if I really worked hard. Having returned back to Austria, I’m thinking about going back to train with Dean, because the two weeks I had with him were my most efficient practice for many years. I have recently won my club championship which I am very proud of.”

    Kerstin Mertl