New Tricks for Dean Davis

SRIXON®, a global leader in golf ball technology and innovation, is delighted to announce that it has signed an agreement with world-renowned trick shot artist, Dean Davis. Dean has been performing his golf tricks for over 20 years, entertaining audiences throughout the UK and Europe with his array of golf tricks and will become a valuable ambassador for Srixon and Cleveland Golf.

“I’m delighted to welcome Dean to Team Srixon and Cleveland Golf. The incredible skills that Dean has and the thrilling entertainment that he provides to thousands of fans around the world really is a sight to behold and is something that we could all benefit from enjoying right now. The prospect for Dean to do his trick shot show whilst flying the flag for Srixon and Cleveland Golf provides a great platform on which to showcase our products in a different light, and is opening up some unique opportunities for us which we’re very excited to explore” said Tom Brown, Brand and Marketing Manager UK & Ireland for Srixon Sports Europe Ltd.

Dean’s display of golf skills, suitable for all ages, will take you into a world of disbelief leaving you wondering what else he can do with a little white ball and anything that vaguely looks like a golf club! With audience participation, Deans show is a great way to entertain guests.

‘’I am absolutely delighted to become a Brand Ambassador for Srixon and Cleveland Golf and to promote and showcase the brand around the world with my golf trick shot shows.

Srixon and Cleveland Golf is a global leader in equipment and innovation, and it is an honour to be part of their team. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience within the company and I am sure that by combining this with my shows we can enhance many special golf days that take place around the world. I look forward to exciting years ahead” said Dean Davis.

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Mark Crone