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I have had several lessons from Dean over the last year and I always come away a better golfer. I would highly recommend a playing lesson with Dean because you learn so much about course management and situations on the course that wouldn’t arise on the practice ground. Dean is also a really nice guy who genuinely cares about his golfers.

Phil Chappell

I have had a few lessons with Dean and am now playing some of the best golf I have ever played. Within a minute of watching me swing Dean recommended that I needed thicker grips on my clubs. This is an example of the simple things that Dean looks at which make a huge difference. His teaching is never overcomplicated. I would highly recommend Dean to anyone who plays golf.

Thomas Chappell

After struggling to figure out what I was doing right, and what I was doing wrong, Dean quickly got to the root cause of my inconsistent results. We worked on grip, stance, posture and within a 2 hour lesson I was hitting consistently, straighter and further. So pleased with the result and the new found confidence in my game.

Gavin Culverhouse

Together we can lower your handicap and give you even more game enjoyment.