Keep Busy, Keep Practicing

Now, as I have had a week off due to the lock down with all golf courses closed, no golf lessons and no practicing of new trick shots for events this year and I have now completed my endless list of jobs, it’s time to get back into golf. Here are a few ways I can help you with your golf:

1 . Why don’t you send me a video of your swing. It can be just your practice swing, unless you are fortunate enough to have a spacious garden.

Just send me a swing video from face on and from the side.   

I will give you a some feedback and some useful points. If you have a handicap then let me know what it is and also what your bad golf shot normally is i.e. the one that creeps in from time to time. Send them to me by Whats App on 07717 577834  This is completely FREE. 

2. If you have children who are golf enthusiasts and beginning to drive you mad at home, then why not order a copy of my A-Z of Junior Golf.  It is a great book for children to help them learn about golf and it may help you with your golf too! For further information please follow this link – or give me a call on 07717577834 or 01235 522677.

Mark Crone